Monday, 5 September 2016

Explanation- Registration Plates

All cars in NZ have a registration plate, front and back of their car.

A registration plate is a plate with unique 3 letters and 3 numbers on the cars, front and back.

The NZ Transport Agency Collects the Registration fees and keeps a record of the fees and keeps record of the owner and there registration plate number. If your car gets stolen the police can be alerted to look out for that car. If the owner sells the car its no longer there property, so they have to notify Registration Body. If they don't then its still under there property and will still be responsible for any damage. If you sell your car and don't notify The Registration Body then if the person crashes it they will run to you about the damage and you'll have to pay instead of the person you sold it to. If you ever sell your car make sure you notify Registration Body.

Car owners in NZ are required to have a registration plates on their car.

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