Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Photo's I've taken that im proud of







 Dog prints

 Dog print


 Sister holding rock


I am now a photographer  


  1. Why are these so good? Do you add filters or not, because like oh my god stop being so good at taking photos Shakanna! All i can say is that this talent is so good :D

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    2. Thanks Luca :3 i really enjoy taking photo's it calms me down and makes me so happy. Im pretty sure you have a talent to c: No i don't use filters that like cheating on a test to be better than everyone else

  2. Hi Shakanna. These photos are AMAZING! I like the second photo of Tigerlilly. She's so cute! I love her eyes. The last sentence is really funny. 'I am now a photography'. I think next time you should take photos of people, for example, your little sister.
    - Kate D :)

  3. Hey there Shakanna. I think that your photo's are amazing. Have you thought of becoming a photographer when your older? Have an excellent day. From Mishka.

  4. Hey Shakanna
    Those are AWESOME!
    I think that there really well done and you should be proud!
    From Nina

  5. Wow these photo's are amazing! Especially the ones you took at the beech.
    Good Job :)
    From Zoe

  6. Hey Shakanna
    I really like your photos you are such a great photographer and I cant wait to see what you do in the future.
    From Sophie


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