Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Those obsessions..

You know how you have a obsession over your idol or something? And you fan girl endlessly until you die and run out of breath?
WELL this is a thing i suffer everyday, every year.. every week and every minute every SINGLE second
Some of you may know the pain, others? Well they'll think you're not even human *cough*

The top things i can obsess/fangirl/DIE over:
BTS (Kpop band ugh so cute)
Twenty One Pilots (Two silly boys)
Troye Sivan (That cute thing)
P!ATD (Painc! At The Disco)
and Melanie Martinez (Shes smol)
Yea sounds weird, but its life i mean you cant spend life with obsessing over someone, i mean you can but that's just sad and boring *cough*

The other things i can fangirl about:
EXO (another kpop band)
MINHO (A kpop star :O)
Dylan O'Brien (From Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner, Cuteeee)
Thomas Brodie Sangster (From The Maze Runner, hes really 26. UGH HES SO CUTEEE)
Ki Hong Lee (Also from The Maze Runner, hes 30 oh my god i need to eat him)
Dan and Phil (Two stupid little boys who are just "FRIENDS")
Anime (I'll just leave it to you)

and like 100 more?

Yea i seem to fangirl more than i should surprised im still alive, i seem to fangirl in public i always get stared at like "Woah shes weird, is she even human?" Yea i chose these silly people to fangirl over
You can search them up if you like.

How i would describe them ALL:
uylgedhgvhjbkjerfdfdusgx cute, smol, breath taking anddddddd i don't even know :,D

Yea, im pretty sure everyone obsesses over at least someone/thing


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