Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable Arts

Wearable Arts 2017

This term we were working on Wearable Arts
Wearable Arts is a time to create a festival  but in a wearable way 

The people in our group are: Jessie, Wyatt and Me
Group name: The Bright Lights
Model: Jessie (Photo above)
The festival we did was Diwali a Hindu festival to celebrate lights
For the top Jessie had done paper-mache on some plastic bags and then painted it orange. After it dried she added glitter to it. 
For the skirt Wyatt and I had to do ombre from red to yellow. We added about 6 layers each colour?
After everything has been done Jessie and Wyatt added holes in each top and half to add string on both of the sides.

We had an entire term to do this and it was fun, Monday night (This Monday) Jessie has to model it. Wyatt & I are speaking about our process and about the festival itself.

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  1. Hi Shakanna. I loved the colours on your costume, it was vibrant and really stood out and showed the colourfulness of your festival. What was the hardest part of creating your costume?


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