Friday, 14 August 2015

My Fave item

I have a favourite item it was fluffy and had beautiful eyes. It had two ears and four legs and made sounds from its paw i called it ‘Snowy’ and i got given it when i was just new born. Snowy used to have a ribbon on her ear but i ripped it off. Her fur is Ginger and white and her  eyes are blue, her birthday is on the 30th Of November and she also came with her on house. One day Snowy got wet and she had to dry near the fire but then got knocked off and Snowy went out the window i didn't realize until i was walking with mum to get a cake from her friend and when i spotted her i started to cry because she got really really dirty. Snowy has been everywhere i go even if i go across the road with mum for 10 seconds. Snowy has been laying under my bed with all my other things that i have that i have but now she lays near my TV. When i was 3 i always thought that Snowy used to fight the monsters.I have not yet grown out of Snowy! I love her with all my heart!


  1. hi shakanna that's cool fav team and i figure it out is it a cat :):):):)


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