Friday, 14 August 2015

My Holiday Fun!

On the first week of the holidays me,mum,dad,Cierra and my brother Deklan went to Waimate to see Poppa Fred and Nana Dahp. On Tuesday we went to look around Waimate. After my sister and my brother went to bed me and dad went hunting we shot 2 wallabies and 1 possum. Also they have a Cattery.

                                                                     Lake Tekapo!
On Wednesday me,mum,dad and my siblings went to Lake Tekapo. We had to find the house we ere staying at. THE HOUSE WAS AWESOME!! On Thursday we went to the Snow-Tubes and Ice-Skating rink, but when we got there it was not open yet so we went to see the snow but sadly it was all frozen and i kept slipping on my butt!! After waiting for 5 minutes we finally went Ice-Skating and yes i kept slipping then after Ice-Skating we went on the Snow-Tubes!! When i went down i went really fast but then i went up in the air like a flying unicorn well i thought i was a unicorn because my eyes where closed THEN i dropped down and it hurt but it was fun!! Then we went back to Poppas :(

                                                                    Pine cones and going Home D:       
On Friday we went to pick up pine cones and since mum and dad where to busy i had to go get the quad bike and drive it over. After all that we came inside to have launch,then we went all the way to Dunedin and seen Dot, she is a lady living in a REALLY HUGE CASTLE i was so jealous! After going to Dunedin we went back to Waimate and had tea. After my brother and sister went to bed  me and dad went hunting again and we shot 4 wallabies and 2 possums. On a Saturday morning i woke up to a nice smell of bacon and eggs so i got up had breakfast and brushed my teeth, after i had brushed my teeth i went to feed the cats in the cattery there where 15-19 cats and one bunny called 'Dora' and my favourite cat in the cattery was a tabby one i think was called 'Henry' he was so cute!! After i feed the cats we packed up to go home it was a loooonnngggg way home i wish i never sat in the middle!! Next time we come to see Poppa Fred and Nana Dahp we will be flying to......


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