Monday, 24 August 2015

Hide and seek writing!

The cotton white clouds fill the blue sky while i hide in my hiding spot. I giggle and laugh as my friend goes past me every time. The bees buzz around and i try to stay silent to not give my hiding spot away. As the minutes go by i get bored so i pick the grass that's near me. The seeker goes past me, then i stop picking the grass straight away before i get spotted.I start to giggle again and again then burst into laughter then i stop laughing as the seeker goes past. The sun goes behind the clouds then comes back out with no clouds around it so its bright. I run to a different hiding place because where i has hiding you could see my shadow! I run past the seeker and then run to my new hiding place eww it smells!. Its hard to stay quiet. I start to giggle a little. Its now launch time i have been hiding since  the morning. The seeker goes past my old hiding place which was behind the tree. I now get spotted oh well!! i had fun though. Its just a game!!


  1. Hi Shakanna
    I like your blog and your blog post It is cool
    I like how you said eww it smells!.
    and this post has a lot of descriptive words

    From Haylee

    1. Thank you Haylee! May i say i like your blog to! :)


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