Friday, 17 June 2016


HELLOOOOO! So I have started something called "Fun Friday" (I thought of this after i done my speech at 9:49) so basically these are some fun things to do when you get back from school!

Pranks have been around for awhile now, i guess, like how im guessing you get your idea's from you tube or a famous people FROM the internet because 88% of you probably do pranks and the 12% probably don't do/like pranks. So for those little evil prankster's out there i have a few pranks you can do.

1st Prank!! Tin Foil your siblings/parents room and by tin foil the room i mean it like tin foil the TV, Paintings, Dresser's ect but just leave the bed how it is, if they have a closet sit in the closet and wait for there reaction try get it on video,then scare them.

2nd prank! To be honest i don't think you could do this on your own so grab a buddy! For this prank your'e gunna need balloon's like alot of balloon's and a buddy. So for this prank you want to find the smallest room in your house and blow up the balloons and put them in that one room, this will work in bathroom's, lounge's, Kitchen (well kind of) and some other rooms. Now what you want to do is put a scary mask on and hide in the balloon's, just wait and wait until someone finally come's into the room and scare the balloon's out of them. 

Now for my last prank your going to need ALOT of box's "Why?" "just because, now let me finish"
 So what you want to do is grab the box's and put them in any room, fill the room up with the box's and put any special things in there like; Laptop, Camera, Photo's, The WiFi Thingy, ect. Now write a note saying: I see your back and you may be Post Officed about this but sad to say that your stuff are in these box's but also there's me in one box. Now you just sit in a box and then jump out and scare that person if they are near you :)

So have fun doing these pranks! Also if you get yelled at say it was Donald Trump's idea trust me it works.
"WAIT HOLD UP! Have you EVER tried these pranks? Like are they safe?" "Pfft yea! I have done the tin foil one and it kept the room twice as hot like and oven bu-" "Mhm, sure" "No seriously I have" "MHM" 

Nickname of the day: Pop Tart 
Make me a nickname and then find me around the school and tell me it c: *No mean Nicknames or i will get a rainbow of kawaiiness to eat you*


  1. Hey Kanny or Shakanna, I still remember when we done the balloon one! Memories! I cant wait to see you :)

    1. Aww thank you Nikki! I cant wait to see you to <3


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