Friday, 3 June 2016

Mini Memoir

So.. lets just say last year I stole $50 from my mum another 50 from my dad just
because me and my friends were being stupid in my room. So a couple minutes later i go up, sneak into mum and dad’s room and take the money, we go the supermarket to buy Pringles, Ice cream, Chocolate plus more food. After we buy the food we walk to the park with arms full of food, we make sure no one can see us eating the food. We come back home acting like we did nothing.Since this is from last year they still don't know *evil laugh*


  1. very sneaky of you shakanna and very good use of punctuation well done and I like it !!!

  2. LOVE IT! You have to write me a story mate! I've seen all you stories they are so good, how could you hide this from me? ~ LUCA YOUR BEST FRIEND YOU LOVE

    1. Thanks Luca :D i'll be sure to make you a story, send me a theme and i'll write it for ya!


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