Monday, 2 July 2018


I listen to music literally all the time, and this helps my well being in many ways, it helps express my emotions, and remembering certain things. It sometimes makes me more depressed than I already am how funny.

Music can increase our mood either if we're sad then it'll go up a bit.
You can relate to your music taste or the lyrics emotionally or mentally. Whatever floats ya boat swoosh swoosh. Music can also help you sleep, study, remember. Something along those lines ya know. It can keep you on track. so funny
Sometimes it decreases your mood, even if your sad. It makes you more sad, so depressing oh no.

It increases  your IQ  apparently.
Thanks bye. Listen to music it's amazing

Thursday, 14 June 2018


In music  I've been learning about different types of  practices, the one that I've been currently doing is distributed. 30 seconds of hard work, 30 seconds break, and It keeps going
Here is what I've enjoyed so far

  • The way I have to position my wrists so it fits well
  • Learning  more about piano
  • Learning from my friends and teaching them a bit 
And there are things I haven't enjoyed so far
  • The pain in my  wrist I get (From former injuries)
  • How fast you have to move for some parts
  • Finding a song but not finding the instrumental so you have to like do that thing that's called  "Wing it" 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

9DV → Science

An element has only one type of atom

A compound is when 2 or more elements are chemically combined

Mg+ O2 MgO
Magnesium +Oxygen = Magnesium Oxide

Today we had burned magnesium with oxygen. It started as a silver solid and a clear gas, but when we had mixed them and burn them it turned into a white solid powder. Once we had finished we had known before that we would no be able to change it back to a silver solid like it was originally

Friday, 13 April 2018

English - SEXY paragraph

LO - We are learning to identify a hero or someone you admire to research and write about
SC - I can begin to use the SEX-Y paragraph structure in my written answer.

Min Yoongi born in Daegu South Korea, March 9/19/19, dancer, rapper and songwriter in the

South Korean BTS who’s also bisexual!

Min Yoongi was an underground rapper, he wanted to live his dream on being famous, but he had depression and depression always brings you down.

Yoongi earned so little and gave it to his family, he would starve himself and eat the leftovers and remember this was in South Korea (:

This was Min Yoongi, a FAMOUS person, his band has won many awards, well known in his band ‘BTS’, worldwide, nationwide, handsome men! He suffered a lot to get where he is now.

If you don’t believe me that he was an underground rapper and he’s now famous, explain him talking about his depression, him starving himself, him liking boys.

He talks openly about it, he cries, and that’s ok. When he talks about his depression of course he’ll cry.

I have so much proof to support ALL of this, I have photos, I have text posts, I have videos, i have quotes and lyrics.

In his two hit songs (Solo) “Give It To Me” and “Agust D” He talks about how people doubted him even his parents, he then gets back at them telling them

“Look at you now, watching me, listening to me, never mind me” And his famous lyric (And I apologize for my language) “My seat is business you’re economy forever behind me kissing my ass” and his other line “I catch all those who copy the copiers whether their underclassmen or upperclassmen” As you can see in “Agust D” he’s dissing everyone back, all his haters.

I love Min Yoongi, a lot, he still goes through depression and his words mean a lot. He’s moved so much people to tears with his words, and he’s also apart of the LGBT community..

Which I cried about actually. He cries for his fans, he feels supported, he supports us back. At least 2 thousand (out of 9 thousand fans) Feel happy and cared for just because Min Yoongi is out in this world, explaining how some depressed people feel, and sharing his experiences in life has made people cry because they go through the same thing.

He’ll help anyone he can no matter who they are, he cares deeply and wants to help the world become a better place and a safer place. I think that the words he says are strong, and that his words can change how others think of the world and themselves. I feel like the way he has moved people from spots to another makes me smile, because i’ve moved from one stop to another just because of his words, this man, this one man apart of a massive famous band, has moved people from spots, and made them cry, he’s made 9 thousand people cry with his words.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Uranus report

This seventh planet from the Sun

The first planet found with the aid of a telescope,  Uranus was discovered in 1781 by astronomer William Herschel. The seventh planet from the Sun is so distant that it takes 84 years to complete one orbit. Like Venus, Uranus rotates east to west. Uranus’s rotation axis is tilted almost parallel to its orbital plane, so Uranus   appears to be rotating on its side. This situation may be the result of a collision with a planet-sized body early in the planet’s history, which apparently radically changed Uranus’s  rotation. Because of Uranus’s unusual orientation, the planet experiences extreme variations in sunlight during each 20-year-long season. Voyager 2, the only spacecraft to visit Uranus, imaged a blandlooking sphere in 1986. When Voyager flew by, the south pole of Uranus pointed almost directly at the Sun because Uranus was near its southern summer solstice, with the southern hemisphere bathed in continuous sunlight and the northern hemisphere radiating heat into the blackness of space. Uranus reached equinox in December 2007, when it was fully illuminated as the Sun passed over the planet’s equator. By 2028, the north pole will point directly at the Sun, a reversal of the situation when Voyager flew by. Equinox also brings ring plane crossing, when Uranus’ rings appear to move more and more edge-on as seen from Earth.

While magnetic fields are typically in alignment with a planet’s rotation, Uranus’ magnetic field is tipped over: the magnetic axis is tilted nearly 60 degrees from the planet’s axis of rotation, and is also offset from the center of the planet by one-third of the planet’s radius. The magnetic fields of both Uranus and Neptune are very irregular. Uranus has two sets of rings. The inner system of nine rings, discovered in 1977, consists mostly of narrow, dark rings. Voyager found two additional inner rings. An outer system of two more distant rings was discovered in Hubble Space Telescope images in 2003. In 2006, Hubble and Keck observations showed that the outer rings are brightly colored. Uranus has 27 known moons, named for characters from the works of William Shakespeare or Alexander Pope. Miranda is the strangest-looking Uranian moon: its complex surface may indicate partial melting of the interior, with icy material drifting to the surface.

On Earth, we have the North Pole and the South Pole. But everything is topsy-turvy in Uranus. Its poles are on its sides and it orbits the sun on its side. The strange way that it spins can mean nights on some parts of Uranus last more than forty years! Scientists think a planet as big as Earth may have crashed into Uranus at some point, tipping it onto its side. There’s another fun fact about Uranus it’s the only planet named after a Greek god instead of a Roman god. Uranus was the Greek god of the sky and the husband of Earth

Fast facts -
The age of Uranus is nearly the same as the sun, 4.5 billion years
Uranus has more than 20 moons that all  have been named
Uranus was the first planet discovered by telescope
Uranus was originally named “George’s Star”

There’s a moon named “Cupid” that orbits Uranus

Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable Arts

Wearable Arts 2017

This term we were working on Wearable Arts
Wearable Arts is a time to create a festival  but in a wearable way 

The people in our group are: Jessie, Wyatt and Me
Group name: The Bright Lights
Model: Jessie (Photo above)
The festival we did was Diwali a Hindu festival to celebrate lights
For the top Jessie had done paper-mache on some plastic bags and then painted it orange. After it dried she added glitter to it. 
For the skirt Wyatt and I had to do ombre from red to yellow. We added about 6 layers each colour?
After everything has been done Jessie and Wyatt added holes in each top and half to add string on both of the sides.

We had an entire term to do this and it was fun, Monday night (This Monday) Jessie has to model it. Wyatt & I are speaking about our process and about the festival itself.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Book Character day

Every year we have a event called "Book Character Day" Where we come as a book character from whatever book
I remember when i came as a princess and now that's all changed
So this year i dressed as "Ryan the Teddy Bear" or "Laieon Tedi beeo" In Korean (:
Ryan is from a Korean comic book series and cartoon series, there are also 3 or 4 others that are his friends.

< Ryan

   < Me