Friday, 27 May 2016

Hiding Story

Hiding Story

I remember when i was being a butt to my sister and i was running around with her socks and dipping them in the mud and the water and not letting her feed the fish or let her play my game, so i decided to hide in the hot water Cupboard so she can't attack me. It smells like water and it also smells like my room, it's a very small space so i'm not happy i panic in small places. 1 hour passes and my sister still has not found me so i make a runner to go and hide behind the couch and threw stuff at her as she walked past me she had no clue where it was all coming from 2 hours pass and i get annoyed that she has not found me yet, so i run outside and i see her talking to a person and she see’s me and runs to me so i run to the bathroom and hide behind the door and wait for her to walk past me. I walk out and hide in the smallest cupboard i can find because i know she will not look there so i go into the cupboard and sit there. I hear Cierra crying because she rather can't find me or she is not getting her way so i walk out of the cupboard and walk over to Cierra and give her a big hug and tell her she won the game when she didn't i'm so nice guys. Im the best she says.

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  1. Hey Shakanna :)
    This is so funny but it's a bit sad because she didn't find you but you found her instead. This is crack up because I do the same when my sister and I play hide and seek but instead I hide in a locked room. :)

    - Kate


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