Friday, 13 April 2018

English - SEXY paragraph

LO - We are learning to identify a hero or someone you admire to research and write about
SC - I can begin to use the SEX-Y paragraph structure in my written answer.

Min Yoongi born in Daegu South Korea, March 9/19/19, dancer, rapper and songwriter in the

South Korean BTS who’s also bisexual!

Min Yoongi was an underground rapper, he wanted to live his dream on being famous, but he had depression and depression always brings you down.

Yoongi earned so little and gave it to his family, he would starve himself and eat the leftovers and remember this was in South Korea (:

This was Min Yoongi, a FAMOUS person, his band has won many awards, well known in his band ‘BTS’, worldwide, nationwide, handsome men! He suffered a lot to get where he is now.

If you don’t believe me that he was an underground rapper and he’s now famous, explain him talking about his depression, him starving himself, him liking boys.

He talks openly about it, he cries, and that’s ok. When he talks about his depression of course he’ll cry.

I have so much proof to support ALL of this, I have photos, I have text posts, I have videos, i have quotes and lyrics.

In his two hit songs (Solo) “Give It To Me” and “Agust D” He talks about how people doubted him even his parents, he then gets back at them telling them

“Look at you now, watching me, listening to me, never mind me” And his famous lyric (And I apologize for my language) “My seat is business you’re economy forever behind me kissing my ass” and his other line “I catch all those who copy the copiers whether their underclassmen or upperclassmen” As you can see in “Agust D” he’s dissing everyone back, all his haters.

I love Min Yoongi, a lot, he still goes through depression and his words mean a lot. He’s moved so much people to tears with his words, and he’s also apart of the LGBT community..

Which I cried about actually. He cries for his fans, he feels supported, he supports us back. At least 2 thousand (out of 9 thousand fans) Feel happy and cared for just because Min Yoongi is out in this world, explaining how some depressed people feel, and sharing his experiences in life has made people cry because they go through the same thing.

He’ll help anyone he can no matter who they are, he cares deeply and wants to help the world become a better place and a safer place. I think that the words he says are strong, and that his words can change how others think of the world and themselves. I feel like the way he has moved people from spots to another makes me smile, because i’ve moved from one stop to another just because of his words, this man, this one man apart of a massive famous band, has moved people from spots, and made them cry, he’s made 9 thousand people cry with his words.

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