Friday, 5 May 2017

Raggle-Taggle chook (Book)

We had to read this journal and achieve at least 4 actives. I chose to read & do the book "Raggle-Taggle Chook" It was hard to read because i didn't have my glasses :c

Heres my activity
  1. How did the chook come to arrive at the house -  Chook was washed away in the flood and washed up at this house. She had no feathers just looked

  1. How did Chook manage to endear herself to people - Chook laid eggs for the humans

  1. From Chooks behaviour, what could you assume about Chook’s former life where she was raised? Chook was raised on/in a chicken farm, ate worms, scratched

  1. What does the presence of this pet Chook add to the family what - Made them come together as a family, get angry at times b

  1. As a nation we spend millions of dollars a year on pet food and equipment - more than we give international aid to starving countries. Is this morally right? ARGUE YOUR CASE

This world sucks to be honest. We spend more money on animals than ourselves because we think we need to feed them more times day than ourselves. We starve people who N E E D the food. I don’t think people understand how much people are dying. This is not right, we’re letting people die instead of the animals. Like yea animals are living things so are humans, but animals are not that important are they? No (:

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