Saturday, 19 March 2016

10 things 😮

10 things you can do in the weekend

1. Go Hunting 😆

2.  Go Fishing 🐟

3. Go visit a friend and go get candy 🍬 🍬

4. To the beach! 🌊

5. Try out something new like playing drums or something  🎶

6. Make a group chat and just spam it while your doing something else 🔔

7. Challenge yourself  ツ

8. Be kinda annoying to your siblings 😝 

9. Speak Internet for a day (example 'brb, just need to check on something' 'gtg, bye' 'lol')  😎

10! Go back inside and sit on the couch and get food 💤


  1. Hi Shakanna it's Autumn here I really like your 100 facts you did a good job it must of tanking you a long time to do that because that's a lot of writing
    From Autumn good job

    1. Thanks Autumn and yes it did take awhile to write 100 facts i had alot of breaks, but im happy you like my post's! I will go comment on one of your post's soon :)


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